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Stem Cell Treatment

Cell-El, Ltd. is specifically focused on rectifying the state of SCT clinical research for ASD. We too believe that further

Biomarkers & Behavior

Cell-El Ltd. is striving to correlate changes in biomarkers (see previous post) with behavioral changes/ changes in core symptoms of

ASD Biomarkers

Cell-El, Ltd. is striving to create a diagnostic test for ASD based on biomarkers. What are biomarkers? A biomarker is

Autoimmune Disease & ASD

There has been extensive research examining the prevalence of autoimmune conditions in the families of children with ASD.

Cannabis Treatment

The use of medical cannabis as a possible treatment for ASD has caught the attention of researchers worldwide, with Israel

Meet the Cell-El Team

Benjamin (Beni) Gesundheit, MD PhD Founder & Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gesundheit brings his experience in the departments of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology