There has been extensive research examining the prevalence of autoimmune conditions in the families of children with ASD. A few examples:

As part of Cell El Ltd’s research relating to development of precise diagnostic tools for ASD, we are examining immune-related biomarkers. Besides looking at the child’s biomarkers, we also perform a comprehensive medical history – not only of the child but also of the close family with an emphasis on auto-immune disorders. One theory presented connecting to ASD (examined in mice models) is that an autoimmune response is already generated in-utero between the mother and the fetus (Maternal Immune Activation (MIA)). Signs of chronic brain inflammation and GI inflammation with autoimmune characteristics also have been observed in ASD.


At Cell El, Ltd, we are examining whether and how our biomarkers point to an autoimmune component in ASD. For this reason it is also important to understand whether families of ASD children also suffer from autoimmune disorders. This understanding will help guide the development of treatment for ASD which targets the biological roots of Autism.

Please join us in making a difference in the lives of children with ASD and their families! We are recruiting both participants who are typically developing as well as those dIagnosed with ASD. We are also looking for parents to help spread the word to others and thus enable this important tool to be integrated into Autism treatment as quickly as possible. And we want to hear from you about your concerns and challenges relating to ASD testing and related therapies. To contact us and learn more – please click here