Cell-El is pleased to announce that we are opening up recruitment for a new group of children in our study: Children (ages 2-12) diagnosed with ASD who are privately undergoing Stem Cell treatment (SCT) outside of Israel. Cell-El seeks to observe the effects of Stem Cell treatment on the biomarkers we have identified as possibly unique to ASD. We are studying how these Biomarkers change with the application of SCT treatment. Included in the study are behavioral changes possibly observed in these children as well. (see our recent publication regarding our research on these biomarkers –  Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis -using a New Panel of Immune- and Inflammatory-related Serum Biomarkers: A Case-Controlled Multicenter Study
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Cell-El has chosen to observe the changes in these biomarkers specifically after undergoing SCT as there has been preliminary evidence that stem cells can have an immune-modulating effect on the body. See:

Parents and clinicians have reported significant changes to the ASD related symptoms after SCT. Cell-El is now investigating if there is an underlying biomedical dysfunction prior to treatment as well as any treatment induced changes both biomedically and as evidenced by improved outward behaviors and symptoms.  We hope that Improving our understanding of the value of these biomarkers could lead to utilizing them as a  guide to diagnosis and perhaps even treatment choices for ASD.       

Help Us Help You

You too can join our team and help us in making a difference in the lives of children with ASD and their families! For the Cell-El study, we are recruiting infants aged 10-18 months not diagnosed with ASD but with a sibling diagnosed with ASD and their mothers. Parents please help spread the word to others and thus enable this important tool to be integrated into Autism treatment as quickly as possible. Additionally, if your child is diagnosed with ASD and between the ages of 2-12 years old and you are planning to take them privately to a clinic offering Stem Cell treatment for ASD, please contact Leah at leah@cell-el.com or fill out the form to find out about eligibility to participate in  our diagnostic study.