Personalized Medical systems for diagnosis and treatment of children with autism

Incorporated in 2014, Cell-El Therapeutics Ltd.’s mission is to create Personalized Medical systems for diagnosis and treatment of children with autism. Our research aims to identify underlying mechanisms that might cause ASD. Cell-El’s  current research assesses the relationship between autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and elements of the immune system. We have identified a panel of blood borne biomarkers that discriminate between typically developing (TD) children vs those with ASD.  Cell-El plans to develop assays of the selected biomarkers to diagnose ASD. These assays may aid in early identification of children who will benefit from stem cell and/or other treatments.

Cell-El’s Diagnostic and Therapeutic Innovation

ASD is a spectrum of disorders whose causes remain unknown. Preliminary results from our diagnostic study provide evidence supporting the association between immune dysfunction and a subgroup of ASD children. Cell-El will analyze biomarkers prior to and after stem cell therapy (SCT). This research is part of a comprehensive study to monitor immune markers in ASD.


Since early intervention for ASD is believed to improve long-term outcomes there is an urgent need to objectively diagnose ASD at a very young age. Cell-El received Ethics Committee approval for a multi-center clinical trial. The study focuses on biomarker detection in children with ASD.

Blood, urine and stool of ASD children are tested and analyzed in comparison with those of TD kids. Using proteomics (analysis of proteins), we are developing a serum based biomarker assay for ASD. To date, we have studied blood samples collected from over 400 children between the ages of 3 to 12.  A panel of bio-markers associated with the immune and inflammatory responses has been identified and shows promise as a diagnostic for ASD. This study will be expanded to include children below the age and 3.  We are actively recruiting children at high risk for ASD and their mothers to confirm our preliminary findings. We are studying an additional cohort of children diagnosed with ASD prior to and post SCT to determine if the treatment can be monitored via the biomarkers.


Diagnostics and clinical responses have revealed remarkable improvements with SCT. Cell-El aims to monitor the psychological, clinical and laboratory responses of children with ASD who underwent SCT with the goal of developing a viable treatment for ASD.

Planned Therapeutic Clinical Trial: Cell-El is planning a clinical trial in which children with severe ASD will undergo SCT, accompanied by psychological and laboratory evaluations to assess the impact of the treatment on autistic behavior, the immune system and the potential correlation between them.

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