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Cell-El’s mission is to research and publish their new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.  By sharing our research with the medical community, Cell-El intends to improve patient care.

Authors: Ashley Ansel, Yehudit Posen, Ronald Ellis, Lisa Deutsch, Philip D. Zisman, and Benjamin Gesundheit

Description: The objective of this paper is to compare the reported accuracy and sensitivity of the various modalities used to diagnose
autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in efforts to help focus further biomarker research on the most promising
methods for early diagnosis.
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Publication:  Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal, October 2019

Editors: Benjamin Gesundheit, Joshua Rosenzweig and Yehuda Shoenfeld

Description: This open-access book compiles evidence of the biological basis of autism spectrum disorders which are setting the stage for understanding the mechanisms underlying the behavioral symptoms of the condition and for development of targeted therapeutics.  Read more

Publication: Frontiers in Neuroscience and Frontiers in Pediatrics, February 2017

Authors: Benjamin Gesundheit, Paul Ashwood, Armand Keating, David Naor, Michal Melamed, Joshua P. Rosenzweig

Description: This work presents the rationale behind stem cell-based treatment for autism patients presenting immune and nervous system abnormalities. This approach is regularly applied for the management of a range of immunological and neurological conditions and has proven both effective and safe. Read more

Publication: Medical Hypotheses, December 2014

Authors: Benjamin Gesundheit, Joshua P. Rosenzweig, David Naor, Bernard Lerer, et al.

Description: This paper reviews studies that link between immune dysfunction or abnormalities and autism spectrum disorder. These works bear potential to advance more accurate and objective diagnostics and to identify therapeutic targets for autism management. Read more

Publication: Journal of Autoimmunity, 2013

Additional Prominent Research

Authors: Marvin Natowicz, MD, Judy VandeWater, PhD

Description: This activity provides expert insight about underlying comorbid medical and neurological issues associated with autism spectrum disorders. Increased understanding of the children and adults with autism should be improved by virtue of educating about medical and immunological etiologies associated with this complex disorder. Read more

Publication: Cleveland Clinic Foundation Center for Continuing Education and Autism Research Institute, August 14, 2017

Authors: Ousseny Zerbo, Cathleen Yoshida, Judith K Grether, Judy Van de Water, Paul Ashwood,
Gerald N Delorenze1, Robin L Hansen, Marty Kharrazi and Lisa A Croen

Description: Biologic markers of infection and inflammation have been associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders
(ASD) but prior studies have largely relied on specimens taken after clinical diagnosis. Research on potential biologic
markers early in neurodevelopment is required to evaluate possible causal pathways and screening profiles. Read more

Publication: Journal of Neuroinflammation, 2014

 Hjördís Ó. Atladóttir, Marianne G. Pedersen, Poul Thorsen, Preben Bo Mortensen, Bent Deleuran, William W. Eaton,Erik T. Parner

Description: Recent studies suggest that familial autoimmunity plays a part in the pathogenesis of ASDs. In this study we investigated the association between family history of autoimmune diseases (ADs) and ASDs/infantile autism. We perform confirmatory analyses based on results from previous studies, as well as various explorative analyses. Read more

Publication: Pediatrics, August 2009

Authors: MD Bauman, A-M Iosif, P Ashwood, D Braunschweig, A Lee1, CM Schumann, J Van de Water and DG Amaral

Description: Antibodies directed against fetal brain proteins of 37 and 73 kDa molecular weight are found in approximately 12% of mothers
who have children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but not in mothers of typically developing children. This finding has
raised the possibility that these immunoglobulin G (IgG) class antibodies cross the placenta during pregnancy and impact brain
development, leading to one form of ASD. Read more

Publication: Translational Psychiatry, 2013

Authors: Ryan K C Yuen, Bhooma Thiruvahindrapuram, Daniele Merico, Susan Walker, Kristiina Tammimies1, et al.

Description: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is genetically heterogeneous, with evidence for hundreds of susceptibility loci. Previous microarray and exome-sequencing studies have examined portions of the genome in simplex families (parents and one ASDaffected child) having presumed sporadic forms of the disorder. Read more

Publication: Nature America, Inc., 2015

Authors: Keil, Alexander Daniels, Julie L. Forssen, Ullac, Hultman, Christina Cnattingius, Sven Söderberg, Karin C. Feychting, Maria Sparen, Par

Description: Autism spectrum disorders are often idiopathic. Studies have suggested associations between immune response and these disorders. We explored associations between parental autoimmune disorders and children’s diagnosis of autism by linking Swedish registries. Read more

Publication: Epidemiology, November 2010

Authors: Paula Krakowiak, Paula E. Goines, Daniel J. Tancredi, Paul Ashwood, Robin L. Hansen, Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Judy Van de Water

Description: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex neurodevelopmental condition that can be reliably diagnosed at age 24 months. Immunological phenomena, including skewed cytokine production, have been observed among children with ASD. Little is known about whether immune dysregulation is present before diagnosis of ASD. Read more

Publication: Biological Psychiatry , August 14, 2015